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Chinched Restaurant & Deli is a labour of love for co-owners Shaun Hussey and Michelle LeBlanc.  The pair have travelled the eastern seaboard together throughout their culinary careers and happily made St. John’s home 12 years ago after living on Fogo Island for 2 years.


Redefining the Way 
We Move

The whole thing began after a boil-up on Fogo Island in 2009. Owners Shaun Hussey and Michelle LeBlanc were relaxing on one of Fogo’s fine rocky beaches alongside the locals with whom they’d enjoyed their feast of local seafood. After eating far too much, one of the locals leaned back and exclaimed, “B’ys I’m Chinched!” After the definition was thoroughly explained it was decided that Chinched would make a great name for a restaurant. Roughly 6 months later Chinched Bistro opened its doors on Queen Street and most recently moved to their new location at 5 Bates Hill.

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