We are excited to be offering all you charcuterie lovers the opportunity to enjoy Chinched charcuterie at home by joining our monthly program. 

How does the Charcuterie club work?

As a member of the Charcuterie club, you will receive a monthly Deli Package of chefs choice items for 4 to 6 people, depending on how you choose to use the items. It will contain a variety meats including fresh sausage and dry cured meats, condiments such as house made compote and mustards, and freshly baked breads and crackers. With a wide variety of products, you can enjoy Chinched sandwiches, sausage dogs, or create your own charcuterie boards at home! 

The Charcuterie club is $85/month and can be paid for during pick up. To reserve your deli package, please ensure you sign up before the 20th of each month by resending the form below. 

If you wish to be a continuous Charcuterie Club member, please specify in the notes section below and we will ensure to have your package ready monthly.

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